What is Spreadsheet ? Uses of spreadsheet

What is Spreadsheet ?

What is Spreadsheet :- It is a Computer Application that simulates a paper, accounting worksheet. it displays multiple cells that together make up a grid containing alphanumeric text, numeric values or Formulas.

A spread sheet also known as “Worksheet” contains rows and column and is used to record and compare financial and numerical data.

Its Features :-

  1. A spread sheet allows user to enter and calculate numerical data.
  2. Spread sheet greatly increase productivity for anyone who needs to manage receipts, create budgets, generate Financial reports.
  3. it combines the features of a general ledger with the flexibility of powerful data analysis and reporting function.


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Spreadsheet package :- 

Business applications require a lot of calculation work. In manual system, it is done on a sheet of paper with rows and columns, which is called a “spreadsheet“.  packages use the concept of an electronic spread sheet. An electronic spread sheet (or worksheet) is a very big sheet consisting of thousands of rows and columns, which is used to store information in the memory of a computer. like database, electronic spreadsheet have now become an essential tool in developing a computerised management information system. Income statements, annual reports, balance sheet, cost analysis and budgets are some of the applications where worksheets are typically used.

Why is Copy command used in a spreadsheet ? 

Copy command :- 

The copy command can be used to copy the contents of one cell or group of cells into another cell or  group of cells. This feature is Particularly used when the same formula structure is to be used in several cells.

Electronic spreadsheet :- 

It is used as a forecasting tool to project the impact of interest rate changes on a deposit or loan portfolio during future time periods and test periods and test various what- if hypotheses or interest rate scenario in each of those periods.

Its Advantage :-

  1. It is flexible.
  2. It is an important part of budgeting, financial planning.

Application of spreadsheet :-

There are currently many different high powered spreadsheet that have good graphical and presentation capabilities. they include programs such as LOTUS 1-2-3, Quattro pro, Excel etc.

LOTUS 1-2-3 :-

It is a spreadsheet program designed for IBM. Its feature are :

  1. It offers integral charting/ graphic and database operating.
  2. It had keyboard driven pop ups menus as well as key commands making it fast to operate.
  3. It uses Macro to produce graph and charts.

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