Input /Output Devices in Computer

                    Input /Output Device in Computer


An input device is any machine that feeds data into a computer. For example, a keyboard is an input device. Input devices other than the keyboard are sometimes called alternate devices. Trackballs and light pens are all alternate input devices. Input /output Device in Computer.

Input device


  • Keyboard :- Keyboard is an input device; consisting of a set of typewriter-like keys that enables to enter data into a computer.
  • Mouse :- Mouse is a device that controls the movement of the cursor or pointer on a display screen. A mouse is a small object that can roll along a hard flat surface. Its name is derived from its shape, which looks a bit like a mouse, its connecting wire that one can imagine to be the mouse’s tail and the fact that one must make it scurry along a surface. As we move the mouse, the pointer on the display screen moves in the same direction.
  • Trackball :- a trackball is a mouse lying on its back. To move the pointer, we rotate the ball with our thumb, our fingers or the palm of our hand. There are usually one to three buttons next to the ball, which we use just like mouse buttons. The advantage of trackballs over mice is that the trackball is stationary so it does not require much space to use it. In addition, we can place a trackball on any type of surface, including our lap.
    For both these reasons, trackballs are popular pointing devices for portable computers.
  • Joystick :- a joystick, the pointer continues moving in the direction the joystick is pointing. To stop the pointer, we must return the joystick to its upright position. Most joysticks include two buttons called triggers. It has a lever that moves in all directions and controls the movement of a pointer or some other display
    symbols. A joystick is similar to a mouse, except that with a mouse the cursor stops moving as soon as we stop moving the mouse. Joysticks are used mostly for computer games, but they are also used occasionally for CAD/ CAM systems and other applications.
  • Scanners :- Scanner is an input device that can read text or illustrations printed on paper and translate the information into a form that the computer can use. A scanner works by digitizing an image – dividing it into a grid of boxes and representing each box with either a zero or a one, depending on whether the box is filled in. (For color and gray scaling, the same principle applies, but each box is then represented by up to 24 bits.) The resulting matrix of bits, called a bit map, can then be stored in a file, displayed on a screen and manipulated by programs.
  • Digital Camera :- Images can be input into a computer using a digital camera. These images can then be manipulated in many ways using the various imaging tools available. The digital camera takes a still photograph, stores it and then sends it as digital input into the computer. The images are then stored as digital files.

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  • Bar Code Reader :- Most of the persons are probably familiar with the bar code readers in supermarkets, bookshops etc. Bar-code readers are photoelectric scanners that read the bar codes or vertical zebra striped
    marks, printed on product containers. Supermarkets use a bar code system called the Universal Product Code (UPC). The bar code identifies the product to the supermarket’s computer, which has a description and the latest price of the product. The computer automatically tells the Point of Sales (POS) terminal what the price is.
  • Speech Input Devices :- Speech or voice input devices convert a person’s speech into digital form. These input devices, when combined with appropriate software, form voice recognition systems. These systems enable users to operate microcomputers using voice commands.

Input /Output Device in Computer


Output is anything that comes out of a computer. Output can be meaningful information or gibberish and it can appear in a variety of forms – as binary numbers, as characters, as pictures and as printed pages. An output device is any machine capable of representing information from a computer. Output devices include display screens, loudspeakers, printers, plotters etc. Input /output Device in Computer.

  • Monitor :- Monitor is another term for the display screen. The term monitor, however, usually refers to the
    entire box, whereas display screen can mean just the screen.
  • Printer :- Printer is a device that prints text or illustrations on paper and in many cases on transparencies and
    other media. There are many different types of printers.
  • Plotter :- Plotter is a device that draws pictures on paper based on commands from a computer. Plotters differ from printers as they draw lines using a pen. As a result, they can produce continuous lines, whereas
    printers can only simulate lines by printing a closely spaced series of dots. Multicolor plotters use different-colored pens to draw different colors. In general, plotters are considerably more expensive than printers. They are used in engineering applications where precision is mandatory.
  • Sound Cards & Speakers :- Sound card is an expansion board that enables a computer to manipulate and output sounds. Sound cards are necessary for nearly all CD-ROMs and have become commonplace on modern personal computers. Sound cards enable the computer to output sound through speakers connected to the board, to record sound input from a microphone connected to the computer and manipulate sound stored on a disk. Nearly all sound cards support MIDI, a standard for representing music electronically. In addition, most sound cards are Sound Blaster-compatible, which means that they can process commands written for a Sound Blaster card, the defacts  standard for PC sound.
  • 3D-Audio :- 3D audio is a technique for giving more depth to traditional stereo sound. Typically, 3D sound or 3D audio, is produced by placing a device in a room with stereo speakers. The device dynamically analyzes the sound coming from the speakers and sends feedback to the sound system so that it can readjust the sound to give the impression that the speakers are further apart. 3D audio devices are particularly popular for improving computer audio where the speakers tend to be small and close together. There are a number of 3D audio devices that attach to a computer’s sound card.
  • GPS :- Short for Global Positioning System, GPS is a network of satellites that helps users determines a location on Earth. The thought of GPS was conceived after the launch of Sputnik in 1957. In 1964, the TRANSIT system became operational on U.S. Polaris submarines and allowed for accurate positioning updates. Later this became available for commercial use in 1967. In the picture, is an example of the GARMIN nuvi 350, a GPS used to fi nd locations while driving.
  • Projector :- An output device that can take the display of a computer screen and project a large version of it onto a flat surface. Projectors are often used in meetings and presentations to help make sure everyone in the room can view the presentation. In the picture, is a ViewSonic projector and an example of what a projector may look like.

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